Product care

Friendship bead bracelets are easy and comfortable to wear, and have been carefully made and tested with your safety and comfort in mind.

To help keep your bracelet in tip-top condition for as long as possible, please follow these simple care guidelines:

  • As much as we hope you will love wearing your friendship bead bracelet, extended wear, all day, every day, may cause the elastic to eventually fail. To help your bracelet survive everyday wear and tear, avoid contact with soaps and detergents, do not wear it when bathing, and avoid contact with perfume, hairspray and nail polish remover.
  • When putting on your friendship bead bracelet, do not stretch the elastic into a triangle shape. Instead, simply roll the bracelet onto your wrist.
  • If your friendship bead bracelet gets dirty, simply wipe it with a clean, damp cloth. Do not soak your beads in water or any other cleaning solution as this may harm the beads and deteriorate the elastic.
  • Don’t leave your friendship bead bracelet in direct sunlight or expose to high heat or extreme temperature changes as this can damage the beads and deteriorate the elastic.
  • Friendship bead bracelets are not suitable for children and could cause a choking hazard. Please keep your little ones (and pets) safe by keeping your bracelet safely on your wrist and out of their way.
  • If you are concerned about getting your friendship bead bracelet caught on something as you are wearing it, consider wearing it on your non-dominant hand. Eg, if you’re right handed, wear it on your left wrist, and vice versa.
  • We really hope your friendship bead bracelet will last you for years, but if your bead bracelet elastic does snap, please be cautious to collect up all your beads as quickly and safely as possible to avoid little people or pets from finding them. 
  • If the elastic in your friendship bead bracelets becomes baggy over time, please contact us. If you return your bracelet to us, we will happily restring your bracelet for you. Please see our returns policy for more information.

We cannot be held responsible for how our products are used and any damage caused by misuse of our products. Any liability or responsibility following any incident occurring from use or misuse of the product cannot be held responsible by The Friendship Gift Company.