Welcome to The Friendship Gift Company, a small startup based in a South Warwickshire corner of the Cotswolds. As a working mum with four children, this business is my latest baby. Inspired to create gifts of friendship, I wanted to create and sell beautiful gifts for friends to send to people they love.

Have you ever been stuck on gift ideas for a friend? Whether to say thank you, I miss you, happy birthday, or during difficult times when you want your friend to know that you are thinking of them.

You might not want to buy flowers because they don’t last very long (and nobody needs to look at dead flowers when they're already coping with loss), and chocolate can bring guilt of calories which can compound anxiety. In many friendship circles, gin is often appreciated but a bottle would smash in the post - and what a waste that would be!

You want to show your friend that you are thinking of them, and that they have your support - especially when there’s nothing you can say or do to fix the problem for them. Friendship bead bracelets are the perfect gift to say 'I'm here for you'.

Because in life, we all face many challenges. For me, it has been PND with my triplet babies (they’re 11 now) and living with an auto-immune disease. Our family has been touched by cancer, anxiety, illness, depression, suicide and bereavement. And for alll this, I am normal. And many of my friends have similar stories. There are times when we can find life physically and emotionally draining. We all face challenges in life. But through it all, we are reminded that family is the most precious thing, and the friends that surround us are the family we choose for ourselves.

Launching a business during a global pandemic was never part of our plan, but we realised that what we all needed now, more than ever, was the love and support of our friends. At a time when we need to stay apart to stay safe, it's been our friendships that have helped us sane, secure and strong.

Over time, we'll add new products and develop The Friendship Gift Company brand. But for now, we're taking it steady and focusing on building a solid reputation for quality, kindness and friendship. We’re excited to have you with us.