Happy Mothers Day 2010 - triplets!

triplet babies in hospital incubator mothers day 2010



I don't often share much about myself personally online, but here goes...


Eleven years ago this Mother’s Day, I got the greatest gift of all - triplet babies. Eleven years! How did that happen?!


Back when we were in the thick of 3 hourly feeds, sleepless nights and endless nappy changes, every day felt like an endurance event. It was exhausting and emotional, and quite honestly, not always that much fun.


We already had a two year old daughter who was the centre of our universe and we had to help her understand how our universe had suddenly grown, when we were still wrapping our heads around it ourselves. It was a huge concept. Massive.


As the children have gone from being babies, to toddlers to really fun little humans, so has the parental challenge changed. Instead of battling to keep them all fed and watered (clean was a bonus day), our daily goal evolved to keeping them entertained - and then educated. Teaching them to be kind, considerate, independent, brave and above all, to be themselves  - especially important with multiples who will naturally compare themselves. We can only hope that we provide our children with the skills to make decisions correctly by themselves as they continue to grow.


And as much as we have shared with them, so have they taught us. Patience. Resilience. Negotiation. Acceptance. Random ‘did you know’ snippets of trivia.


Being a parent can be awesome and terrifying in equal measure. We've experienced seat-of-your-pants fear and not-enough-tissues joy. Sometimes on the same day.


But even on the days when it's really hard, it's still amazing. (I still have to remind myself of this).


Parenting is the greatest thing. We get to watch these little people grow and see the world through their eyes. We get to be their super heroes and we are blessed with their unconditional love.


And it took me a while to realise this, but as parents, we're all in it together. We're all doing the best we can and we are all part of another mum's back up crew. Nobody is looking over their shoulder to see if we've got it right, because we all have days when we feel as though every decision we make is wrong. Toddler-tantrum and teenage door-bang days are normal.


And we all have days that feel like success. Making it through to bedtime without tears. Putting the milk in the fridge, not into the washing machine. Helping a 10 year old with a home-school maths lesson and only needing to Google it twice. It's all relative.


Being a mum is a cocktail of emotions and experiences, and it is the love and support of our friends and family that helps us to navigate this crazy old parental path.


So this Mother's Day, as well as saying a juicy heartfelt 'thank you' to our own mums who raised us (when we ourselves were the tantrum-throwing, door-banging cherubs) and who have taught us how to be mums ourselves, let's also send love to our mum friends. Because each day is infinitely easier just knowing that they're there for us, as we are for them.