Beads with meaning

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For many thousands of years, gemstones and crystals have been used as talismans and amulets to heal, nurture, encourage and transform energies and physical ailments and diseases. 

Crystal healing follows a principle of allowing positive energy to flow into the body, as negative energy flows out. By holding, wearing or placing stones around the body, the use of crystals is believed to induce relaxation and calm. Different crystals and gemstones have unique properties, often based on ancient legends that cross the boundaries between spiritual and religious beliefs.

Our friendship bead bracelets are made using semi precious gemstones and quartz that, as well as being chosen for their beautiful appearance and striking colours, are believed to offer a variety of emotional and spiritual qualities and benefits. 


  • Black Onyx is believed to be a powerful protection stone, transforming negative energy and providing support and stability.
  • Blue Aventurine is a form of quartz containing small inclusions of various shiny minerals, making each bead naturally unique. Believed to increase confidence and promote positivity.
  • Cherry quartz is believed to be a hope gemstone, inviting positive energy and dispersing anxieties.
  • Cobalt Jade is believed to be a stone of gentleness and nourishment, and this bright blue colour is often associated with depth and stability.
  • Deep red malay jade is believed to harmonise energy and encourage strength with personal determination.
  • Grey Agate is believed to be a grounding stone, bringing emotional, physical and intellectual balance.
  • Honey malay jade is believed to bring emotional balance and connectivity between mind and body.
  • Lava stone is believed to be a grounding stone with an intense calming energy, bringing stability and courage.
  • Peace Jade is a mixture of white quartz, green serpentine and lavender stitchtite, believed to bring tranquillity, protection and serenity.
  • Purple Quartzite is believed to balance feelings, emotions and energy.
  • Rose Quartz is believed to be a stone of unconditional love and infinite peace.
  • Turquoise Mashan Jade is believed to be a healing stone, this colour is associated with calming energy, creativity and clarity of thought.
  • White jade is believed to create calm with a bright and healing energy to encourage positivity.

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