6 reasons why Friendship Bead Bracelets make the perfect gift

hands giving aHands giving a black paper heart, representing love and friendship heart for friendship


Finding the perfect gift for your friend, something that will support and encourage them, and send a message of friendship, isn’t easy. Sometimes there isn't a reason why we want to send a gift, other than to say 'I'm thinking of you' or 'I believe in you'. But what to give? Here are six reasons why friendship bead bracelets are the ones to choose.


Be part of a giant friendship circle

In their time of stress, your friend could feel alone in their situation. A key part of friendship is to support the person you care about in these moments, and let them know that you are there for them. Cue the friendship bead bracelet. When you wear a friendship bead bracelet, you're not only connected with the friend who bought it for you, but also with all the other people who wear one too. Together, we understand the true value of friendship - and we know that to have a great friend, you have to be a great friend. Let's say we become part of a giant friendship circle; a community of friends who support each other, who reach out to each other to connect and share. That'd be a pretty awesome friendship circle.


Beads have meaning

Friendship bead bracelets use semi-precious stones and quartz that are believed to offer a variety of emotional and spiritual qualities and benefits. For example, rose quartz is believed to open the heart and encourage love, whereas lava stone is considered to be a grounding stone which calms and relaxes the mind. Click here to see our ‘Beads and their Meanings’ article. 


Forever gift

A friendship bead bracelet is something that your friend can keep. Flowers die, and chocolates or even a bottle of gin won’t last long, especially if you’re with friends. A friendship bead bracelet can be worn as a reminder of your friendship, always. 


Worn to suit your style

Whether dressing for a girly night out, a smart office meeting, or a casual shopping date, you can rely on a friendship bead bracelet to complete your look. Friendship bead bracelets can also be doubled up or stacked with other bracelets. Click here to see our ‘Ways to wear’ styles article.



Do you remember the friendship bracelets we used to make for each other? Friendship Bead Bracelets are the modern day, grown up equivalent - without the soggy strands and knotty ends. Perhaps your friend will remember them too, and you can share those childhood memories together.



Friendship Bead Bracelets come securely packaged in a suede pouch and a foam lined box. They are specifically letterbox friendly, meaning you can come home and find a beautifully wrapped present waiting on your doormat, ready for you to gift, and your friend doesn't need to be at home to receive it.


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