15 fun things to do with your friends

Three friends sat in an orange bath tub surrounded by rows of rubber ducks


If there’s one thing we’ve learned in 2020 is that our friendships and relationships are the most important thing in our lives. Nobody missed material possessions, we missed people. We missed throwing our arms around the ones we love and spending time together.

So as we try to find the 'new normal' in our social circles (in groups of less than six! 🤣), it’s time to banish the lonely blues, rekindle our connections and get creative.

  1. Cheers! Invent a cocktail in your bestie’s honour using all her favourite flavours and ingredients. Can either be alcoholic or non alcoholic depending on your mood.
  2. Plan a girls night in - if you can’t be together in person, why not put on your PJs and Prosecco during a video call with your bestie, it’s sure to boost you both!
  3. Plan a night out-out - silly heels, sparkly tops and plenty of giggles
  4. Doorstep drop - if you’re lucky to have your bestie live locally, why not stop by her home or workplace with one of her favourite treats. For added safety, think of items that can either be wiped with anti-bac or left in quarantine for the recommended time before they are opened.
  5. Mix tape - so the cassette deck went to the tip years ago and the CDs are in the loft, but making a playlist of all your favourite songs is still a lovely way to share the memories that music evokes and introduce your bestie to your new favourite tunes.
  6. Learn together - exploring a new challenge is a great way to bond friendship while learning a new skill too. Knitting, cooking, yoga, painting, tiling, bricklaying...share your results and swap tips, ideas and successes. Your sessions will be fun to look forward to, and wonderful to look back on together.
  7. Pamper yourselves - set aside a block of time to meet either in person or over video call, gather your face masks, lotions and potions and have a lovely natter while you indulge yourselves in a bit of self imposed luxury.
  8. Quiz time! How well do you know your bestie? Put your trivia to the test! Baffle those brain cells and arrange a quiz. Can be done in teams, families, in a group or just the two of you.
  9. Favourite Feast - agree a tantalising menu and spend the evening each cooking up a feast. Can either be done together in person or over video call. 
  10. Day Breakers! There’s no sweeter feeling than taking time for yourself during the daytime when you ‘should’ be doing something productive. Now imagine sharing that feeling with your bestie...heaven!!
  11. Give yourselves some head space - book into a stretch or yoga class for total relaxation together
  12. Make a video or memory album using photos of you together.  A great way to remember good times and plan future adventures
  13. Old skool greetings - remember those notes we used to send to each other as kids? Replicate that feeling by writing a letter or sending a fun postcard. Doormats deserve something more colourful than credit card statements to land on them!
  14. Nailing it - book yourselves in for a mani-pedi and feel utterly treated
  15. Afternoon tea - invite a group of friends over for teeny cucumber sandwiches, mini scones and cream. The afternoon will feel even more special if you dress for the occasion...and nobody will judge you if there’s actually prosecco in the teapot.


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